SEO Site Audit

All of our campaigns begin with a thorough analysis of your entire site. We dig deep into how the website is structured underneath the hood, what the content structure is, how the code is implemented, how accessible your site is to search engines, what optimization may be present, among many other factors.

We then use this data to map out a very specific, customized SEO campaign to fit the unique needs of your industry, your services or products, and your own business goals.

Crawlability and Indexation Analysis

We thoroughly investigate the following Technical SEO elements at the beginning of your campaign to ensure that search engines are able to easily find, crawl, and index your site. We also ensure that tracking tools are properly implemented so we can monitor your results. This is an important foundation to the entire rest of the campaign. We examine:

  • Server Configuration
  • DNS Configuration
  • .htaccess Configuration
  • 301 Redirect Mapping / Implementation
  • WWW / non-WWW Configuration
  • robots.txt Configuration
  • XML / HTML Sitemap Analysis
  • Schema Markup / Rich Snippet Analysis
  • Canonical Tag Analysis
  • Mobile Compatibility / Responsive Analysis
  • Site Speed / Caching Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tools Configuration / Analysis
  • Google Analytics Configuration / Analysis
  • Code Structure / Hierarchy
  • Script Optimization

Industry Research & Analysis

It is important to conduct Industry Research at the beginning of your campaign so we can better understand your industry, your competition, and how we can best develop a strategy that will produce long-term, sustainable results. We look into:

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Keyword Analysis / Research
  • Social Engagement Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Trends & Tactics
  • Comprehensive Resource Evaluation

Ranking & Competitive Analysis

It’s extremely important for us to take a sort of “snapshot” of your site and how you and your competitors currently rank in the search results pages so that we can monitor the progress of your campaign from then on out. We will load your site into our customized reporting system, which tracks your site, keywords, competitor rankings, traffic, and more. We conduct research into:

  • Current Rankings for Chosen Keywords
  • Competitor Rankings for Those Keywords
  • Historic Traffic Analysis

Content Analysis

In order to comply with the strict specifications set forth by Google Panda, we analyze how your current content stands compared to industry-standard best practices. We will take a look at the following:

  • Proper HTML Markup Analysis
  • Content Optimization & Structure
  • URL Structure Analysis
  • Internal Link Analysis
  • CTA Analysis (Call-To-Action)
  • CRO Analysis (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Keyword Equity / Density Research
  • Page Titles
  • Header Hierarchy
  • Content Silo Analysis
  • META Optimization
  • Open Graph Protocol Analysis (For Social Sharing)

Off-Page Analysis

It’s important to have other off-page elements than just links to help you out with your SEO, whether you’re B2B, B2C, a startup, or a multi-national corporation. We investigate where each of the following elements are currently standing:

  • NAP Consistency Analysis
  • # of External Backlinks
  • Co-Citation Analysis
  • Co-Occurrence Analysis

It is important to note that a Link Audit is not typically included in an initial SEO Site Audit, but is a more advanced and in-depth analysis to be conducted further into the campaign once these initial elements are sufficiently implemented.

Once we analyze and compile your initial SEO Site Audit, we develop a custom campaign roadmap. You are free to then take this Audit and run with it or let us do the heavy lifting. Contact us today to find out exactly how you can grow your business to new heights!