SEO Reporting & Analytics

Throughout the course of your SEO campaign, it’s vitally important to be able to keep track of your rankings and traffic. It’s also important to be able to keep an eye on your competition to see how they are stacking up against you in the search results. We offer customized SEO reporting so you can keep an eye on your site’s performance, gain a competitive edge in your industry, and make informed, data-backed decisions for the future of your business and online marketing endeavors.

We can track as many keywords as you would like and keep tabs on how you and your competitors’ sites stack up against each other. Our easy-to-understand reports are crucial to extracting important data about your campaign and are delivered on a once-a-month basis in a standard setup. If you have different needs, we can certainly adjust accordingly.

Quick Overview of Top Ranks

Our SEO reports include a quick-view of how your keywords are performing by offering a summary of keywords that fall into Top 1, Top 10, and Top 50 positions, as well as if they are not on the first 5 pages of a standard 10-result search page for major search engines.


Assessing Keyword Movement

You can see the current position of every keyword that we track for your campaign for your site and competitors’ sites. You can also see keyword movement (green or red arrows) by how many positions the keywords have moved since the last reporting period.


Comparison Against The Competition

You can keep an eye on your competition on a keyword-by-keyword basis, just as in-depth as you can track your own. Our reporting makes it easy for quick-comparison or in-depth data analysis.

SEO Competition Comparison

Google Analytics & Traffic Analysis

Our reports also include key data from Google Analytics, which can give you valuable insight into how visitors are interacting with your site. We can track custom segments, goals, and more in Google Analytics. We provide comparative analysis in a month-over-month (seen in the following image) or year-over-year format. Here is an example of a client who significantly increased their organic traffic in a one-month period:


If you would like to see this expansion for your own business, please get in touch today! We understand that there are a lot of moving parts in SEO and that having quality reporting and data analysis is absolutely crucial to understanding the effects of what we are doing. If you ever have any questions about your rankings or traffic, we’re here to help!

SEO Reporting As a Stand-Alone Service

We also offer our SEO reporting service as a stand-alone product month-to-month if you are interested in just keeping track of your rankings and traffic and don’t necessarily need full-blown SEO services. If we happen to see any negative movement or competitors taking over rankings, we can certainly provide recommendations that can help you get back on track.