Link Audit & Link Remediation Services

Links are a major contributor alongside high-quality content in determining how well sites rank in search engines. Since the inception of the Google Penguin algorithm update in April of 2012, the entire landscape of how links affect rankings has dramatically changed and continues to evolve. The SEO of the past, which was built on manipulative tactics, no longer works.

Low-quality, spammy links used to rank sites.

Link-building in the past was a pretty much a numbers game without regard for relevant links. A company in the pre-Penguin world could want to rank for “custom t-shirts” and hire a so-called SEO company that would push a button and spam thousands of links out all over the internet, wherever they could put them. It didn’t matter if these links were coming from a site about “hunting gear”, “dental products”, or “insurance claims” — as long as the “custom t-shirts” site had more links on the web than its competitors, it would out-rank them.

Not anymore.

Fast-forward to today’s modern SEO landscape and you have an entirely different picture of what kind of links actually affect rankings. The evolution of Penguin’s strict guidelines on what constitutes the value of links is now primarily based upon relevance and quality rather than quantity. We discuss this further in detail on our link-building services page.

Link Audit

If you have noticed sudden drops in rankings around these dates corresponding to the Penguin algorithm, you may be in need of link audit services. This update is a heavy-duty shift in Google’s algorithm. Even a single link which is in violation of Penguin can have adverse effects on your rankings. If, on the other hand, you aren’t sure whether you have lost rankings or not, perhaps our SEO Reporting Services would be of immense help in tracking your rankings over time and watching how algorithm changes affect them.

We can take a look at your backlink profile and analyze it against the strict quality standards set forth by Penguin. The link audit process is a manual review of each and every link that points to your site to ensure that it meets the standards for quality and relevance that this update calls for. We can determine if you have any questionable links in your profile and take further action to clean them up. [See Link Remediation below]

Link Remediation

Google’s Disavow Links Tool is an advanced SEO feature that, when used properly, can help you regain rankings you may have lost due to Penguin. It’s essentially going to Google and saying, “Here’s the links we know shouldn’t be a part of our site’s link profile any longer. We promise to only build high-quality links from here on out. Will you forgive these links?” Upon a successful link remediation campaign, Google will honor the request and your rankings will no longer be affected by Penguin penalties.

After a link audit (and possible remediation), we recommend supporting your site with high-quality, industry-relevant, and authoritative links, which we offer as part of our link-building services. The potent combination of having a solid link profile and excellent on-page SEO will have you soaring above your competition in no time! The benefits can be tremendous:


If you would like us to take a look at your link profile or help you to remove harmful links, contact us today.