Link-Building Services

The two main factors in any SEO campaign are going to be on-page factors such as proper content development, site structure and hierarchy, and properly-implemented technical SEO, as well as off-page factors, such as NAP consistency, co-citation and co-occurance, and most importantly, links from other sites and how those links are established.

SEO Link-Building: The Wrath and Grace of Penguin

Let’s face it. Just about every SEO company out there who has been around a while has seen the dramatic effects of Penguin-related penalties. This is because the Google Penguin algorithm update, which determines how links affect a site’s ability to rank, is becoming stricter and stricter all the time. The scope of what sort of links are “acceptable” (as well as which ones can actually help and not harm your rankings) is getting narrower and narrower all the time. The positive side of this is that truly good quality links are being rewarded more and more as well, and this is exactly why we recommend supplementing your on-page SEO with quality link-building.

Modern Link-Building: Letting Go of The Past

Link-building in the past was strictly a “marking of your territory” on the internet. Let’s say you are a company who designs sunglasses and you want to rank for “buy sunglasses online” — the shady link-building services of the past were focused only on the quantity of links to target sites and would spam thousands of irrelevant sites across the internet to gain rankings. And it worked. It didn’t matter if these links were coming from sites about “horse riding”, “shoe polish”, “sunglasses”, or otherwise. If you had more links out there to your site than your competitor, you won.

This sort of link-building was done by automated programs that lack human intuition and common sense.

The Future of Link-Building: Embracing The New Frontier

Fast forward to modern-day link-building and the landscape is entirely different. The Penguin updates have eliminated a great deal of the manipulative tactics that worked in times past, and has replaced this nonsense with the necessity to develop high-quality, white-hat, ethical, and most of all, relevant links from high-authority sites in your niche.

Link-building in modern times is quality over quantity. Our dedicated team of link-building experts are extremely knowledgeable about Penguin and what kinds of links are effective, non-effective, harmful, or otherwise. Our customized link-building services are developed with careful consideration, planning, and research and we guarantee that we build only high-quality and relevant links to your site.

The difference that link-building services can make to your SEO campaign are absolutely phenomenal. This is an area that is almost an esoteric art form in the world of SEO, and we are proud to have passionately pursued our research and discovered deep link-building wisdom and experience.


If you are interested in seeing just how much of a difference quality link-building can make to your site, please feel free to reach out today and let’s talk!