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We offer a wide range of search engine optimization services to help expand your visibility and presence online. Below is a summary of the services that we offer. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your particular needs, as every industry and website is unique and requires the development of a customized strategy.

Our team of search experts can assist you with the following SEO services:

Search Engine Optimization

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We can help you design your site to be fully compatible with today’s modern search engine algorithms so that you can enjoy the benefit of having increased online visibility. We can help you with:

  • Server Configuration (.htaccess, 301 Redirects, etc.)
  • Technical SEO (HTML/XML Sitemaps, Code Structure, etc.)
  • Meta Optimization (Titles, Hierarchy, Content Silos, etc.)
  • Internal Link Structures (Search Volume, Anchor Text, etc.)

SEO Site Audit

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Our SEO Site Audit is a full-scale, in-depth analysis of your entire website. When we conduct a Site Audit, we very thoroughly analyze each of the important elements of your site to ensure that it’s designed and constructed for optimal search visibility. We then compile a list of recommendations which can be used as a campaign roadmap. Some clients prefer to have a Site Audit done and then make changes themselves. Other clients will have us implement all of the changes that we recommend. Your campaign is entirely up to you.

SEO Reporting & Analytics Tracking

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The goal of being visible in search is to gain more traffic, conversions, and ultimately, more revenue. We consider SEO to be a worthwhile business investment to increase long-term profit. But how do you know what we are doing is working? How do you track progress? Easy. We have a fully customized, in-depth reporting system that allows us to track your keyword rankings as well as competitor rankings, traffic analysis, and more. We can extrapolate crucial data from these reports that can help you make better business decisions for the future.

Link Audit / Link Remediation

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With the release of Google’s Penguin algorithm update, the quality, relevance, and authority of your backlink profile has a profound effect on your rankings. We can perform an in-depth Link Audit for your site. This includes a manual, human review of every single link that points to your site to ensure that these links are not harming your site now or in the future. We can then disavow any links which may be affecting your rankings so that you’ll be back up in the SERPs in no time!


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The potent combination of quality on-page SEO and quality link-building is, in our eyes, the best way to ensure that your site will be favored by search engines. We build strictly white-hat, industry-relevant links which not only provide ranking benefit, but provide value to end-users and garnish direct traffic.

Content Development

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Having well-written, captivating content is one of the most important aspects of not only your reputation in your industry, but can also dramatically increase the SEO value of your site by providing unique, human-valuable content which can then be optimized for optimal search visibility. Check out our content development services for more information.

Web Development

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Don’t have a developer on hand? Don’t know how to code? No problem. Some of our clients prefer to implement our recommendations on their own, but we realize there are others who either don’t have the time, skills, or desire to dig that deep into the mechanics of development. Totally fine with us. We have developers ready to implement any SEO changes that we recommend.