About Upspring SEO

The internet is amazing. We can look up practically anything we want to at our fingertips, any time we want to. We take it for granted that it’s so quick and easy to find what we are looking for. The truth is, the organization of everything on the public web by major search engines has been a long-standing, ever-evolving pursuit. Thousands of programmers, engineers and others have collaborated to create the web as we know it today.

Since the search giant Google began to craft their search engine in 1997, the goal has always been to analyze and organize the information on the web and give people what they were searching for. Throughout the years, that goal has remained the same but the vastness of the information and methods of analyzing and organizing it have continued to evolve and become ever-more accurate and relevant.

Our Story

Our beginnings trace back over a decade ago to doing web programming, development and having front-row seats to the turbulence of seeing people pulling some pretty shady shenanigans to get their websites to be visible in Google during the mid to later 2000s. We’re talking massive keyword stuffing, link farms, xRumer blasts, article spinners, the typical “black-hat” tactics that gave “SEO” a bad reputation for attempting (and succeeding) to blatantly manipulate search engines.

And Then, Everything Changed

The wonderful thing is…that stuff doesn’t work anymore. Today’s modern SEO services are geared towards providing high-quality, human-valuable content to the web in a manner that provides value rather than the old days of manipulating search engines for the sole sake of ranking higher.

In February 2011, Google began penalizing low-quality sites with a major update to their algorithm, called Panda (1.0), which affected how a site would rank based on the quality of the content on that page. Google has since continued to update and release new versions of this algorithm, the latest being Panda 4.1 on September 23, 2014.

By April of 2012, Google had announced a second major algorithm update, Penguin (1.0), which affected how the quality of links to and within the site would influence it in search results. There have also been several updates to this algorithm change, the most recent of which was Penguin 3.0 on October 17, 2014.

How We Can Help

These updates significantly affect how visible you are in search. Let’s face it. “Google it” is a household term. It’s not going anywhere soon. It’s where everyone searches for everything…including your potential customers and clients. The difference between being in the first 3 positions in Google and the 2nd page is night and day. We can help you harness this amazing tool and utilize it to your advantage.

We stay at the cutting edge of industry research and data analysis. Our services are dedicated towards honest, ethical, “white-hat” tactics that adhere to Google’s vision of delivering high-quality, super relevant results to users without the use of spammy or manipulative tactics. You can read more about that here.

We have watched the evolution of search for years and are fascinated by it. We love what we do and have a blast helping our clients figure this stuff out and soar in search engines. We have been doing this a long time and have figured out some really cool strategies that get great results. If you are searching for an SEO company to help you achieve your search marketing goals, we hope that you will consider getting in touch!